prefabricted solutions in apartment buildings

Improve energy efficiency in apartment buildings with prefabricated solutions

Uponor Prefabricated Solutions
prefabricted solutions hot water supply

Meet the highest hygiene requirements for hot water supply

Uponor Prefabricated Solutions
prefabricted solutions ready to install manifold

Your design, made by us: Ready to install

Uponor Prefabricated Solutions
prefabricted solutions for walls

Speed up installation and reduce construction costs

Uponor Prefabricated Solutions

Your design, made by Uponor - Prefabricated and tailored-made modules for plumbing and heating installations


With the Uponor Port portfolio, we offer fully customised, individually developed and pre-tested prefabricated solutions meeting the highest hygienic, energy and cost efficiency requirements of your project. Besides benefiting from the outstanding product quality, you significantly reduce the installation time with ready-to-connect solutions delivered directly to your building site.

The range of products
Uponor’s Port offering ranges from preassembled plumbing and underfloor heating manifolds to central and decentral heat interface units for domestic hot water generation on demand to complete state-of-the art prefabricated technical walls.

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Prefabricated module with integrated plumbing elements for bathrooms
  • Ideal for multi family homes

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Uponor Aqua & Combi Port
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Aqua Port Central
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Uponor Riser Port
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